Glenn Albrecht – Symbiocene behavior – Kosen Solar Motion

Glenn Albrecht – Symbiocene behavior – Kosen Solar

From Anthropocentric transgression into a Symbiocene behavior.

Kosen solar Artist impression

The motion series is a collection of kinetic sound art sculptures by Kosen Solar, made during the Covid/Corona 19 outbreak in Wuhan, January 2020. Inspired by the ideas of the “symbiocene” by Glenn Albrecht, the pendulum could not symbolically be more accurate, 2 months later.

The weight of the Flemish Cobblestone could be interpreted as a life cycling danger swinging above humanity.

…The pressure already put on our ecology and the climate has exerted stress on many people worldwide as climate change, extreme weather, radically altered landscapes, viruses and various forms of pollution hit hard. Within a period of earth history now known as the Anthropocene, the dominant role humans play at a planetary scale has enabled us to exceed many of the biophysical limits that would have us conduct our economies within what has been described as a ‘‘safe operating space…’’


In order to avoid further transgression into unsafe spaces and to retreat from those already entered, we need to move out of the Anthropocene as soon as possible and start playing a constructive role in the creation of what I have called the Symbiocene.

The Symbiocene will be that period in the earth’s history where humans symbiotically reintegrate themselves, psychologically and technologically, into nature and natural systems…”

…With a psyche organically connected to life, positive emotions can be experienced and given expression in powerful ways in art, nature play, literature, drama, nature writing, and organic/holistic science and technology.

Another, equally valid way that the psyche can embrace the Symbiocene is for artists, designers, engineers, and creative people to apply the ‘‘idea of life,’’ its organic form, in architecture and technology (the built environment)…”

Motion Series – Kosen Solar

The motion series is a collection of kinetic sound art sculptures by Kosen Solar, where the movement of a suspended stone casts a moving shadow on a solar panel. In effect, this movement modulates the light intensity incident on the photovoltaic cells and creates a fluctuation in the electrical output of the panel. This electrical signal is subsequently used as an audio signal and fed to a soundboard to be amplified and processed.

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School of Management and Governance, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia.