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Beekman Foundation

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Beekman Foundation

The Beekman Foundation was set up in 2006 by the Belgian-born, but US based artist Jan Beekman. It has set itself the aims of managing, archiving and documenting the work of Jan Beekman, and of giving a greater exposure to his work, by means of publications, a website, lectures, conferences, and exhibitions. In addition to the Foundation’s intention to stimulate and coordinate a worldwide distribution of Beekman’s artwork, its wish is to set up and support activities that will involve other, and especially younger, artists who are close to Beekman’s line of thinking. Central to this are an intense link to nature and the often forgotten populations that used to live in harmony with their surroundings, a social engagement, and a commitment to a multicultural and multimedia approach. Presided over by his son Frank Beekman, the Foundation has its headquarters in the house in Beauvoorde, in the Belgian countryside, where Beekman lived and worked, before moving to the US in the mid-eighties. In a near future, a New York office will also be opened. More information on the Foundation and the life and work of Jan Beekman can be found on the newly launched website

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